Customized Invitations

We specialize in producing Invitation cards for any ceremony or occasion including birthdays, wedding, anniversaries, or others. Our creative design team is here to help you print and design your invitation card. You will choose the theme of the card, the font to be used, the template, the material of the card as well as all other specifications with the guidance of our experts.

Standard Sizes

The standard size of an invitation card is 5 X 7 which can fit into an envelope of size 5 ¼ X 7 ¼ or A7 size. This size is the most common size of invitation cards. However, your card can differ in size depending on the design that you have created and the size that you want it to be.

Invitation Paper Options

You will find various options for printing your invitation card. The different paper options are as follows:
● Marbled Paper
● Matte Paper
● Glossy Paper
● Mylar Paper
● Parchment Paper
● Vellum Paper
● Glassine Paper
● Handmade Paper
● Recycled Paper
● Linen Paper



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